CHAM Application

How were you made aware of the Certified Hotel Asset Manager (CHAM) designation?

Were you previously a CHAM designee or candidate ?
If yes, attach a written detail of dates and the reasons for loss of the designation or candidacy.
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Experience Summary

  1. How many years have you been employed in the hotel asset management profession?
  2. How many years have you served in a lead asset management role?
  3. How many years in total have you been employed in the hospitality industry?

Education & Professional Education


Two Letters of Recommendation (please attach to the completed application):

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Note: If possible based on nature of experience, one letter should be from a current or previous supervisor and the other should be from a current or former client/partner

Examination Preference ( Exams may be taken online with a CHAM proctor or in person)

Application and Exam Administration Fee:

Active HAMA member cost - $500 USD through December 31, 2015

Active HAMA member cost - $750 USD after January 1, 2016

Non-HAMA member cost - $950 USD

Note: 50% of the Application and Exam Administration Fee will be refunded in the event of denial of candidacy

CHAM Application for Candidacy: Certificate of Lead Asset Management Experience

Instructions: Provide detailed examples of your lead asset management experience for at least the past 7 years on as many individual hotels aspossible. Copy this page as needed.

This information is subject to audit and verification.





Detailed description of your lead asset management efforts on this hotel.

(i.e. your specific oversight of areas such as acquisition / underwriting / due diligence support, rebranding, renovation, repositioning, revenue / cost improvement, major contracts & leases, value-creation, capital expenditures, refinance/recapitalization, etc.)

Name & contact information of supervisor / owner / client

(who can confirm your lead asset management efforts on this hotel)

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