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Interested in joining our network of professionals in the hospitality industry?

The Hospitality Asset Managers Association (HAMA) is an association of professional individuals who are fiduciaries dedicated to the enhancement of hotel asset values. HAMA meets semi-annually, once in the Spring and once in Autumn.

HAMA Europe is composed of individuals, not corporations. Admission to membership is through the Membership Committee. Individuals must submit a written application including a letter from a Sponsor that is an active HAMA member acquainted with the individual’s work and reputation.


  • Primary professional activity is as a practising hospitality asset manager.
  • Practising hospitality asset manager means an individual whose primary income is generated in the provision of hospitality asset management services.
  • Hospitality asset management services means professional fiduciaries who are dedicated to the enhancement of hotel asset values.
  • 2 years of experience in the practice of asset management.

HAMA Europe’s members operate in a work environment where property level asset management is their primary responsibility. A majority of their time is dedicated to asset management activities. HAMA Europe members do not work for lenders nor do they operate hotels. HAMA Europe members work on behalf of ownership groups. HAMA Europe members review and approve annual budgets for each hotel, make capital expenditure decisions, have fiduciary responsibility and decision making authority and visit each hotel multiple times per year.

After qualifying to be a member, membership is retained only if the member attends at least three regular membership meetings within three years, pays dues timely and continues as a practising hospitality asset manager.


  1. Pre-eminent Organization for Hospitality Asset Managers-HAMA’s mission centers on the enhancement of hospitality asset managers through education, advancement of the profession, and serving as the collective industry voice of hospitality ownership. HAMA’s relevancy in the industry is supported by our sponsorship and/or involvement with various research papers, publications and the Hospitality Asset Management Award, all related to the hospitality asset management profession. HAMA members were instrumental in contributing to the hospitality industry’s CapEx study initiative, AH&LA Uniform System of Accounts for Hotels – 11th Edition, and the Hotel Asset Management, Principles and Practices publications. HAMA Europe members took an active part in the writing of the updated book of Pr Ransley on Developing Hospitality Properties and Facilities, 3rd Edition.
  2.  Bi-Annual Meetings: HAMA hosts two Members meetings per year, which are invitation only to HAMA members. These meetings are offered on a complimentary basis to active HAMA Europe members. Meeting agendas are curated to include educational topics, productive discussion forums, and the latest industry communications and updates relevant to supporting our mission and increasing asset values on behalf of hotel owners worldwide.
  3.  Unparalleled Networking Opportunity: Our membership roster includes members representing private equity investors, institutional funds, individual owners and real estate groups —all dedicated to the hospitality industry. Members have access to fellow members’ and key industry speakers via attendance at HAMA Europe’s Meetings and Webinars, and other ad hoc initiatives to promote networking.
  4.  CHAM Certification: The Certified Hotel Asset Manager (CHAM) designation is the world’s only advanced certification available to accomplished hotel asset management professionals. CHAM designees represent an elite group of senior hospitality professionals whose advanced knowledge in all facets of hotel ownership and operations was developed over a significant number of years serving in the role of “lead” asset manager. Their knowledge base is further validated by achieving a passing score on the comprehensive CHAM exam in addition to satisfying other designation requirements. The certification was launched in 2012 under the guidance of the Hospitality Asset Managers Association (HAMA) in order to establish industry-wide “standards of excellence” within the hotel asset management profession as a means for further solidifying the institutional/fiduciary role and expectations of a senior asset manager within the international hotel real estate community.
  5.  Global Recognition and Affiliations: Outside Europe, HAMA has five International Affiliates located in the United States, Japan, Asia-Pacific, Europe, China, and the Middle East, each formed with the mission of enhancing the hospitality asset management profession.
  6.  Support of Hospitality Education: HAMA Europe has supported hospitality-focused asset management courses and launched several initiatives including HAMA Europe Student Prize (HESP) and HAMA Europe  Mentoring Initiative (HEMI).
  7.  Strict Membership Qualifications and Annual Validation: Membership applications are reviewed thoroughly to ensure applicants meet HAMA’s guidelines for membership and key requirements must be met to maintain membership status.
  8. Additionally, HAMA Europe is working on strategic partnership to be at the forefront of ESG in Europe and has to date provided both educational content as well as sharing of best practice amongst members on this increasingly important topic.

How to Apply

  • Complete the membership application.
  • Attach a resume and complete the list of hotels that you have specific asset management responsibility.
  • For your application to be submitted, you must include the name and email address of your HAMA Europe sponsor. When you submit your application, it will go to your sponsor for review.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and date the Application.
  • Sponsor must attach a sponsor letter which should address how well the sponsor knows the applicant and how would the applicant contribute to the goals and objectives of HAMA Europe.
  • The invoice for the application fee will be emailed when the complete application is submitted by the sponsor.

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