Strengthening the relationships with hotel schools and career advancement in hotel asset management are key objectives for HAMA Europe. That is why, we developed initiatives such as the HAMA Europe Student Prize (“HESP”) and the HAMA Europe Mentoring Initiative (“HEMI”), our  Mentoring initiative. We also have several academic professionals and asset management teachers in renowned hotel management schools as Honorary HAMA Europe members.

HAMA Europe Student Prize (HESP)

The benefits for the participating students are the following:

  • The winning student team will receive a decisive boost at the outset of their careers, and they will have the opportunity to present their findings to HAMA Europe members.
  • All teams will present to a panel of judges made up of Asset Management professionals.
  • Each member of the winning team will receive a personalised award certificate.
  • A unique experience and a great opportunity to become part of a global network.

The benefits for the participating Hotel Schools are the following:

  • It is a unique opportunity for schools to showcase the quality of their academic asset management programs.
  • The HAMA Europe Student Prize is one of the best opportunities to strengthen a school’s image and attractiveness internationally.
  • Currently, HAMA Europe have partnerships with the following European based schools: Breda University of Applied Sciences, Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, Glion Institute of Higher Education and Les Roches Crans-Montana Global Hospitality.

The benefits for the participating companies are the following:

  • HAMA Europe members can show their commitment to education by providing a real case study to schools. They will benefit from exposing their company to students, visions of the new generation on trends, exposing their company of students and networking with future, motivated potential employees.
  • The case must tackle an Asset Management question, e.g., space optimization in an existing hotel, a repositioning exercise, the rebranding of a hotel or similar.
  • Each student team will present their project from the perspective of hotel ownership. It should clearly outline the contractual and financial implications for the ownership and if applicable, also for the operators.
  • Companies that have previously provided the case studies include Starwood Capital Group, Archer Hotel Capital and Cedar Capital Partners.

Companies wishing to participate and provide a case study should contact the Education Committee Chair.

Testimonials from Companies

Archer Hotel Capital provided the case study for the 3rd edition of the HAMA Europe Student Prize. We asked the students to prepare highest and best use proposals for the reconfiguration of the ground and mezzanine floor of one of our hotels. There were many layers of complexity in this project, such as redesigning functional areas of the hotel, estimating capex budgets, respecting the relevant brand standards, and finally presenting the scenario which would create the most value for our shareholders. We were impressed by the creativity of the students as well as their deep knowledge about key investment appraisal techniques. It was a remarkable journey for everyone involved and we would definitely recommend other companies to participate in future editions of the HAMA Europe Student Prize.

Vincenzo OcchipintiInvestment Manager Archer Hotel Capital and member of HAMA Europe

HAMA Europe Mentoring Initiative (HEMI)

THE HEMI Mentors

  • Anne-Marie Auriault
  • Sophie Richard
  • Luc Bochmans
  • Charles de Menthiere
  • Adrian Flück
  • Timan Gill
  • Vincenzo Occhipinti
  • Chris Penny

How to participate?

Being a Mentor: considering becoming a mentor?
Usually, it takes not more than 1 hour per month. If you would be interested to coach 1 (or maximum 2) students, please contact Vincenzo Occhipinti

Testimonials from Mentors

I would have loved to be able to ask questions to senior professionals when I was a student. I hope we will have even more Mentees in the future and that we, at HAMA Europe, will be able to stir some Mentee’s desire to start a career in asset management.

We looked into the potential initiatives that would help us promote hotel asset management more among the students, and the idea came that we could have a mentoring program. It's an efficient activity for students, especially at the time when they will be graduating.

I think it is a really good opportunity for further strengthening the relationship between HAMA Europe and the schools. Also, we are asset management professionals and we've been supported in our early years by professionals, so I believe that we as an association should now give back to the environment, to the school, to the business, to the industry.

I sincerely enjoy the exchange with the graduating students on their career prospects, current projects and interests in hotel asset management. As a company, we enjoy giving back both through mentoring and also offering internship positions in hotel asset management. Graduates from hotel schools are the future of our industry and deserve as much insight as possible into the work life.

While I had some good mentors in my life, it was my first time mentoring 2 students and it was a very rich experience for them and myself. While I could share some of my experience with them and help them find their own ways it has also helped me realise the challenges and difficulties the younger generation are facing. It was an eye opener and I hope they found it as enriching as it was for me.