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Education Commitee

Strengthening the relationships with hotel schools and career advancement in hotel asset management are key objectives for HAMA Europe.

We developed several programs jointly with leading European hotels education groups such as Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, Glion institute of Higher Education, Hotel School The Hague or IMHI-ESSEC.

That is why, we developed initiatives such as the HAMA Europe Student Prize and the HEMI (HAMA Europe Mentoring Initiative), our Mentoring initiative. We also have several academic professionals and asset management teachers in renowned hotel management schools as Honorary HAMA Europe members.


HAMA Europe Student Prize (HESP)

HAMA Europe is committed to support schools who inspire students to pursue careers in Hotel Asset Management and launched the Student Prize in 2018 to develop closer collaboration with European hotels schools and students interested in hospitality asset management.

Fostering and recognizing future talented Hospitality Asset Managers is what the HAMA Europe Student Prize is all about.

Schools wishing to participate should contact the Chair of the Education Committee:

  • Groups of 4-6 students studying Asset Management are allowed to participate.
  • A selection of maximum 2 teams per participating school will then be presented to the Jury (HAMA Europe Student Prize Award sub-committee).

HAMA Europe Mentoring Initiative (HEMI)

Through HEMI, HAMA Europe has been able to develop privileged relationships between HAMA Europe members and students or junior professionals.

Since 2020, HAMA Europe has developed a mentorship program, called HEMI.

Mentoring is one of the most efficient activities for students and junior professionals’ personal and professional growth. It is a great opportunity for both mentees and mentors alike.

HEMI is all about the one-on-one supportive relationship focused on learning and development, intended to support individuals to fulfil their potential for personal and professional growth and to develop the goals of the mentee.

Mentors (all HAMA Europe members) are usually persons with broad experience in the field of hospitality asset management. Mentors find their own competences sharpened by the mentoring relationship.

The duration of the mentoring program is approximately 6 months.


My mentor gave me some really good advice on networking and helped me to be more aware of my abilities and to dare to actively approach people and extend my network.

It was insightful to talk to an industry professional and to understand the business intricacies from his perspective.

We discussed not only my career ambitions but also general topics in the industry and this has given me a lot of insight into the asset management field.

He shared with me his professional trajectory and indicated to me a possible career path to become an Asset Manager in the future.

The perspective gained from a leader in the industry has been the biggest striking feature for me.

My mentor was able to guide me through a difficult phase of my life where the availability of jobs was extremely low. The guidance I was given was invaluable to navigate through this phase of my career.